The Doctor Who Feigned Manhood

/ˈbɑːri meɪnɪak/
person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal for Dr James Barry (1789-1865), a 19th century transgender army surgeon from Cork City, Ireland.


Barry or not? The Comprehensive List of Images of Barry

There are not many existing images of Barry and most images labelled as Barry are in fact, not. Here I have gathered as many images claiming to be Barry as I can find.

Images of Barry

This is a miniature from c. 1815. This is Dr Barry. He gave this miniature to the Munnik family after they named their son after him.

This is a painting from c. 1820. This is probably Dr Barry.

This is a painting by George Richmond RA from c. 1830s and claims to be Barry. Little information about it but it’s printed in Michael du Preez and Jeremy Dronfield’s biography of Barry which leads some credibility.

This is a caricature of Barry from c. 1852 credited to Edward Lear. Unflattering but it is of him.

These are caricatures of someone who is supposed to be of Barry from c 1850s. There are a lot similaries to the caricature credited to Lear but these drawings are credited to Thomas Hanlon.

This is a photo from c. 1862 taken in Kingston, Jamaica. This is definitely Dr Barry. Also pictured is his dog Psyche and a man presumed to be his manservant (name unknown, though nicknamed Black John by Charles Dickens. Possibly Dantzen who went from South Africa to England with Barry).

The caption on this photo reads "The amazing woman, "Dr James Barry", in uniform - "his" pony netted and his negro valet and his dog in attendence. Reproductions and Courtesy of the "Cape Times," from its Christmas annual dated December, 1904". This image was found on The London Dead blog and also on The Women's Kit website under the pamplet titled 'For Women Have Sat Indoors'.

Images of Unknown Origin

All the results for this say it is Barry but I can’t find any more information on it. Probably not Barry.

These images were found on an Instagram post about Barry but I am unable to locate the origin other than that. This is highly unlikely to be Barry.

Images That Are Not Barry

This is Joseph Barry (1796-1865). He was English and lived for many years in the Cape as a merchant and is generally remembered for his alcohol. For more information about him please view my Joseph Barry page.

This is Emmy Noether (1882-1935) who was a German mathematician.

These are both Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (1836-1917) was an English physician and suffragist. She was the first woman to qualify in Britain as a physician and surgeon.

This is George Sand (1804-1876). She was a French writer and stood up for women, advocated passion, castigated marriage and fought against the prejudices of a conservative society.

This is Florence Nightingale.

Modern Images of Barry

I don't have any further information on this image at present but it is definitely of Barry, though more modern. Almost definitely art of him after his lifetime.

Images from Books

Used on the cover of the South African version of Olga Racster and Jessica Grove's 1930 book, The Journal of Dr. James Barry or Dr James Barry: her secret story

Used on the cover of Isobel Rae's 1958 biography.

Used on the cover of June Rose's 1977 biography.

Used on the cover of Rachel Holmes's 2020 biography (the original 2002 cover was different).

Used on the cover of Michael du Preez and Jeremy Dronfield's 2016 biography.

Used on the cover of Jean de Wet, Michelle Matthews and Bridgitte Chemaly Potton's 2014 picture book, The Cottonwool Doctor.

Used on the cover of Lisa Williamson's 2020 children's fiction book.

Henrietta Harris, Portrait of Dr. James Barry (for the bookcover of The Surgeon's Brain), 2022

Barry's Grave

This is a photo of Barry's grave from quite a while ago.

These are photos I took at Barry's grave in Kensel Green when I visited in September 2022.